Given that our participants come from diverse backgrounds and that some come from families that do not have any prior knowledge of the Israeli military, they are in need of solid advice and guidance while they serve the country. Derech Eretz provides this important support whether it’s to those who excel or to those that are undergoing a crisis in an attempt to help them overcome it successfully.

With an increasing amount of participants each year – and 750 graduates to date, most of who are currently serving in the army – Derech Eretz is focusing on its Alumni, and our Alumni coordinator is proactively in touch with all Derech Eretz graduates during their service.

In addition, we provide a mentorship program to those who need it most, and provide support and workshops for our mentors in order for them to succeed.

We also organize events that specifically assist our graduates at crucial times in their active duty, including right after basic training, at the point when they decide if to go into command positions, and more.