From alumni programs to an alumni council and an alumni network, Derech Eretz is continuing to cultivate our youth well into adulthood.

Six years ago, we began with 23 students enrolled in one program on one campus. In 2017-18, 600 Israeli youth and young adults are participating in our various programs and alumni network, on 3 campuses.

In 2017, we began increasing focus on the needs of our graduates and creating programs that will continue to encourage, inspire and support them.


Alumni programs include:

In 2017, Ofri joined our team as our Alumni Coordinator. She is monitoring the progress of our 500 graduates and working closely with our Alumni Council which has 2 graduates from each cohort. We are increasing the scope and depth of our engagement with alumni, leveraging their collective Derech Eretz experiences, to create a supportive, active network which leverages their experience in Derech Eretz for their life beyond their military service.

We have held several alumni events this past year which have included joint community service activities as well as study sessions and time to meet, nosh, and network. We plan to continue these events in 2018, based on our alumni’s areas of interest and leveraging upon the critical mass of many graduates to help do good for local Israeli communities.